Your Mind is A Garden

Katharine King


Every day it seems like there is a new tragedy for the World to endure.

At times it can be overwhelming. Anger and Sadness can control our thoughts. Which, in turn, creates anxiety. And, anxiety left unchecked can make us mad. 

In the midst of this chaos and misunderstanding, we must pledge to take control of our own minds. We must own our thoughts and our actions. We must care for ourselves. Not just our bodies, but our minds as well. After all, without our minds, our bodies are useless.

Seek joy. Meditate. Sing in the shower. Smell the roses. Hug everyone. Pray. Breath. Inhale and exhale. Run in the snow. Dance in the rain. Play in the pool. Pet an animal. Listen to the song of your soul.

Choose to GROW flowers in your Mind, GROW love in your Heart and GROW peace in your Soul. Weed out the negative thoughts invading your mind. Then, turn that experience into something powerful. Let your Flowers fill the World with the Beauty it so desperately needs.

Grow Flowers friends. If you are having trouble, pull the Weeds and START AGAIN.

If not us, then WHO?

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