What Would You Do Differently?

Katharine King

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

What would you do differently if you only had 10 Days left to live?

I spent nearly 6 weeks in a coma, on life support, while pregnant with my 3rd child. When I look back on this time in my life, I feel intense mixed emotions. For the arduous journey it was, it was also an immense blessing. The truth is that we will never be the same people again after all of this, and we wouldn't want to be.

Three years ago today, I was a married stay-at-home Mother of 2 small children (4 & 6) and I was 21 weeks pregnant with baby #3. She was our rainbow baby and we couldn't wait to meet her. She was to be the icing on our love cake, the finish to our family, our sweet cherry on top. 

My main focus at this exact time, 3 years ago, was on planning Halloween and unpacking our new home, which we had only just moved into. I was feeling fat and exhausted but very excited about what was to come. I was also completely unaware that in 10 days, due to complications from the flu, I would be on life support, literally fighting for my life, as well as my unborn daughter's.

I contracted H1N1 (Influenza Type A) which led to Pneumonia and ARDS. Then the virus spread to my brain and I had to also fight Influenza Associated Encephalitis.

There was no foreshadowing of the events to come. We never even knew the storm was coming until the skies opened up all around us. And, by then there was no time to warn the children or even say Goodbye. We were slapped in the face by one of life's cruelest lessons; that none of us is invincible, and we are not promised tomorrow.

This could happen to any of us, without warning. But, the truth is that ALL of us are on a journey towards an eventual end in these earthly bodies. We must make each moment here count.

Know that there is no death. Our souls carry on. We never cease to exist. Although we don't know when our transition will be, we must rest assured that we will carry on elsewhere. We must not live each day like it's our last, in sorrow and fear. But, instead we must live each day like it is the very first day of the rest of our lives.



Leave nothing left unsaid. Apologize to anyone that you've been meaning to. Accept apologies when they're given. Forgive yourself. Your soul is set free when there are no bridges burning around you or within you.



Tomorrow is a figment of your imagination. A projection of the way things could be, not the way that they will be. And, yesterday is over. It can never be again. It cannot be changed. Put yesterday in the past, where it belongs, and be fully present in today.



Take time for the people that you love. Make time to be kind. Breathe. This is your time. You will never get it back. Don't waste these precious seconds on things that don't matter. Feel GOD around you.



Let go of your obsession with material goods. Let go of your need to be right. Let go of the clutter in your mind and your house and your soul, Let go of your urge to control everything. Let go of your anger and sadness. Let go of the darkness behind you. Let go of your expectations. Let go of everything that does not lift you up, benefit you, supply you or boost you. Let go of it. The time is now to live your very best life.



Be aware of the moment that you are in. Notice, feel and appreciate your surroundings. Make time for the Sunset and the sunrise. Let it speak to you. Stare into your children's eyes. Look around for GOD, and suddenly you'll find HIM everywhere.



You may not be here for very long, but your legacy will far outlive you. We are eternal souls on this short journey of life together. We are called to love one another. When we help our fellow mankind, we in turn are helping ourselves. Positive action will eventually have a positive reaction. Do positive things. Don't lie, cheat or steal. Choose to be kind, helpful, loving and gracious. Your soul needs it as badly as the World does.



Place your Faith in GOD. Know that it will all be okay. Release your expectation. Let GOD be in control.This moment in your life was given to you. It is precious. Believe in what you cannot see. Meditate. Feel. Believe. Faith is that piece of you that never forgot the truth. You are not your hair, your body or your skin. You are the soul that lies inside of you. You are special, created with care and surrounded by love. You are never alone and you never will be.



Lead with love. Love big. Love hard. Love anyway. Choose Love when hate stares you in the eyes. Spread love, understanding and tolerance even when you don't want to. Love will always trump hate. Love will always win. As Christians, we are called to love one another as GOD first loved us. Be LOVE. GOD IS LOVE.


Make today the first day of the life you want to live. You are not promised tomorrow, so do it today. You are so very loved.

 October 25th, 2013 ~ The last photo I took before getting sick.

Less than 2 Weeks Later......

November 2013 ~ 6 Months Pregnant, in a coma, on life support.


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